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Upcoming in 2021 is riveting relationship drama, “Bella” directed by Bruno Irizarry, featuring Aris Mejías in the lead role and co starring the brilliant Ernestito Concepción. Currently screening are: “Art of Love” by
Betty Kaplan featuring Kunjue Li and Esai Morales as a lovestruck multi racial couple set in the Chinese underground of 1990’s Puerto Rico and “La Última Gira” by Douglas Sanchez on the fictionalized last tour of Daniel Santos, starring Ektor and Isel Rodríguez. Later this year streaming will be available for action thriller “The Commando” co-starring with Michael Jai White and Mickey Rourke.

Formally trained in theatre, she just recently returned to the stage for the first time in 10 years, with an experimental fast-paced “godotesque” play called “Amor al Cubo” directed and written by Alejandra Marin. The three characters played by terrific stage and film actors: Aris Mejías, José Eugenio Hernández and Camila Monclova.

The award winning actress began her 20 years career with a small 16mm war camera in NY. It was love at first sight. This catapulted her to local puertorrican film, theatre and television productions. Notably
in feature films such as “Cayo" (2006) by Vicente Juarbe, “Che” (2008) by Steven Soderbergh, and particularly in “The Vessel” (2016) by Julio Quintana with an executive production of Terrence Malick and co-starring Martin Sheen, which showcased her bilingual abilities by shooting simultaneously all scenes in Spanish and English.

She has an arts and design background with patternmaking and high end couture tailoring experience that has proven as consistent to her acting capacities. She has worked with big brands for Fashion Week in NYC such as Paris 65, Gabriela Hearst, Zimmerman, Greg Lauren, among many others. She runs and operates a slow fashion ecologically conscious clothing line, Skin Onion since 2013.


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