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The award winning puertorrican actress began her international career in such films as: "Cayo" (2006), "The Caller(2011), and most notably "Che" (2008), by Steven Soderbergh. She co-starrs alongside Martin Sheen in "The Vessel" by director Julio Quintana and excecutive producer Terrence Malick.  


Just recently shot the lead/protagonist role in action thriller feature, "Above" by Alex Ginzburg. Coming out in 2019 as well as a small character role in feature film "Ana" alongside Andy Garcia.


She also starred in three-time award-winning film at Tribeca Film Festival "Una Noche", at Cannes Short Film Corner selection "Endless Cycle", in Latin Grammy winner "Loco de Amor: La historia", and her interpretation as the leading lady co-starring Pedro Capo in "Sol de Medianoche" won her Best Actress at the International Heritage Film Festival 2017


Owns and operates her clothing label, Skin Onion.


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